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Z-Cases P50

Ultimate Power
Premium Design

Small Space

Huge Possibility

Even with a small volume, we are still able to condense room for up to 4 Hard Drives*, 1 Full Length graphic card and a mini-ITX mother board. And yes, even though it is compact, no cooling ability is reduced, it is still as powerful as it is

Cooling Reconsidered

We designed our cooling system with care and engineering, the extra large space for ventilation will keep your computer from getting overheated*

Amazing PSU

Coming with the Case

Our goal is to create a smooth and risk-free assembling experience. And our first step is providing our valued customer with selected PSUs that comes with the case. The PSUs are of high quality and is tested and approved by our engineer. So that one would not need to go through the long list of computer PSUs and find one

Interested in the Case? Great! We recommend the following pages for you

* Availability is subject to Hardware support
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